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Zuma is one of the favorite game titles that is widely played today, both by children and adults. Zuma game itself is currently available in various types, such as Zuma Deluxe games, online Zuma games, and others. This game is a puzzle game that requires players to always think agile, thorough, and also deft.

What is the Zuma Game?
Zuma game is a game where we have to shoot balls from the mouths of animals that resemble frogs. This frog is in the middle of the game, the ball in his mouth is fired into a row of other balls. In this case, the player may not just shoot the ball, the ball must be fired into a row of balls of the same color.

If the player manages to insert the ball from the frog’s shot into at least 2 rows of the same colored ball, then the balls will explode and disappear. In addition, players can also rotate frogs in all directions so that they can reach the whole row of the ball. That way, players will be facilitated so they can shoot the ball.

Zuma game also provides a time limit for players to complete missions in this game. Therefore, players must ensure that the rows of balls do not continue to multiply and eventually lead to a dangerous hole in the shape of a skull. If a row of balls has approached him, then the skull will gradually open his mouth.

The mouth of the skull is a dangerous hole in this game. The closer the ball to this skull image, the chance of winning will be thinner. The reason is, if the ball goes into a dangerous hole in the form of the skull’s mouth, then the game will end. Therefore, this game requires the agility to be able to solve it.

This Zuma game consists of several levels or stages. Therefore, players will feel different sensations in playing the game in each of its stagings. This Zuma game is available for up to 12 levels that must be completed if the player wants to win. Because of the large number of balls, players must be careful in seeing the balls and not to shoot the ball wrong.

In addition to levels, this Zuma game also gives 3 lives for each game. If a player can get high scores, he will get additional lives. If the balls enter the dangerous pit, the lives will be reduced by 1. And if the lives are gone, the game will end. This is what causes why players must move quickly when playing.

Because the time needed to play this game is very limited, the player must quickly fire the ball from the frog’s mouth to the row of balls that are always running. To make it easier for players, this game also provides a powerful ball in the form of balls containing bombs. This ball is in a row of balls that keep going.

If the player can hit the powerful ball or bomb ball, then when it explodes it not only burns the ball of the same color but also blows up other balls that are nearby. You will win this game if all the balls are successfully shot and exploded so that they do not touch or enter dangerous holes.

Every ball that explodes will get a score or points. These points will be useful to add the lives of players. Even more exciting, the more levels increase, the color of the ball is more varied and more than before.

In addition to bomb balls, which makes the game faster ends is when the shot explodes and causes a collision of the same colored ball with more than 2, another explosion will occur. This is what makes this game more exciting. Players have to rack their brains to find ways to get the game over and get lots of points.

Zuma Game Tips and Tricks

After reviewing the gameplay in general above, here are tips on how to play the Zuma game so that players can win the game easily:

  1. Aim the ball accurately, In this Zuma game, in the initial stage, only a row of balls appear with several different colors. Players are only asked to shoot the ball from the mouth of a frog into a row of running balls so as not to touch the mouth of a skull or a dangerous hole. Shoot the ball accurately to touch the ball of the same color so it can explode.
  2. Raise the level quickly, Because the aim of this game is to prevent the ball from entering the dangerous hole, if all the balls do not enter the dangerous hole, then the game is successful. After that, the player will enter the next level or stage. The next stage always has more serious problems, for example just the way the ball turns and the color of the ball increases.
  3. Collect points, to add lives For every explosion that occurs, the player will get points. These points will affect whether or not the player wins. Each point will always be counted and if it reaches a certain count, the player’s life will increase. Each player will have 3 lives, lives will be reduced when the ball enters a dangerous hole.
  4. Concentration, Every level that is passed always has more difficult challenges. When the first level the speed of walking the ball will be slow, the more the level increases, the faster the ball will run. Therefore, players are very much required to concentrate fully in order to be able to play swiftly, thoroughly and deftly in firing balls from the frog’s mouth.

If all the balls are successfully held or shot so as not to enter the mouth of the skull, then the mission of this game is successful or successful. This game is intended to keep the ball from entering the hole and the player gets a lot of points in every game that is made.

Basically, this game is well-liked and a favorite because it has a bright display with colorful balls. Although it looks easy, this game requires seriousness in playing it. If not, the game will stop in the middle of the road or game over because the ball enters the skull mouth hole.

That requires extra thought in this Zuma game, which is when the level increases because the curve of the ball will be more difficult. There are also those that are covered by shrubs making it difficult for players to fire the ball at him. This game is indeed a challenging game that is very exciting to play.

Download the Zuma Deluxe Game
For those of you who want to play the Zuma game offline on a PC, you can buy it directly through for USD 9.99. On this site, you can also try the trial version for one hour before buying it. As for Android devices, you can download the Marble Legend game on the Play Store for free.

Play Free Online Zuma Games
Currently, the Zuma game is also provided in many variations. In addition to the Zume Deluxe game that can be downloaded and played offline, there are also various variations of the Zuma Offline game as follows:

Zuma Snow White
Zuma Mouse Chain
Zuma Dolphin (Dolphin)
Zuma Kung Fu
Zuma Safari Mystical
Zuma of India
Zuma Dragon, and others.

Various types of games can be played for free on the site . Both the Zuma Deluxe Game and the Zuma online game both have the same game pattern. The difference is usually only in the background, the shape of the ball, and also the path that the ball passes through. Good luck!